Latest: 90-year-old man who married for fifth time has an advice for bachelors
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Nasser bin Dahaim bin Wahq Al Murshidi Al Otaibi, — Gulf Today 

A 90-year-old man living in Saudi Arabia married for the fifth time and is also advising unmarried people to tie the knot as it is a “Sunnah”. 

Nasser bin Dahaim bin Wahq Al Murshidi Al Otaibi became the oldest groom in the Kingdom and a media sensation as celebrated his fifth marriage in the Afif province, Gulf News reported. 

Videos of the man circulated on social media with people congratulating the 90-year-old who was seen as joyous and enthusiastic.

“Congratulations to my grandfather for this wedding, wishing you a happy married life,” his grandson said in one of the viral videos.

Speaking during an interview with Arabiya TV, the spirited groom expressed his belief and views on marriage, calling it a Sunnah and emphasising unmarried people to tie the knot.

“I want to marry again! Married life is an act of faith and a source of pride before the Almighty, the Lord of the worlds. It brings comfort, worldly prosperity, and has been the secret to my good health. I urge young people who hesitate to embrace marriage, to embrace it for the sake of preserving religion and leading a fulfilling life,” he said.

Al Otaibi also talked about his belief in the benefits of marriage and the joy it brings no matter what the age is. “I am happy on my honeymoon. Marriage is physical comfort and pleasures, and old age does not prevent marriage.”

The man, who has four living children and one deceased, also talked about his family. “My children have children now, and I still want to have other children,” he said.

He also advised those people who do not wish to marry, saying that they should follow the Sunnah if they want to keep their religion safe. 

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