Latest: Nicaragua voices solidarity with Palestinians in face of Israel’s ‘terrorist aggression’
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Nicaraguan authorities have reiterated the Central American nation’s unequivocal support for the Palestinian people and their leadership in the face of the ongoing Israeli military onslaught against defenseless residents of the besieged Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo reaffirmed Managua’s support for the downtrodden nation amid the “terrorist aggression” by the Tel Aviv regime, arguing that the people have been “attacked without any mercy.” 

“In the midst of the difficult and dramatic moments that Palestinian people are enduring, being attacked without any mercy, with so many lives of innocent civilians lost and mostly women and children falling victim to the terrorist aggression of Israel, we want to join the international community and send a fraternal message of solidarity and hope to the brave people,” Ortega and Murillo wrote in a letter addressed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Nicaraguan president and his wife also commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, which was written by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and proclaimed by the late Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat on November 15, 1988, in Algiers, Algeria.

“We continue to join you and the heroic people of Palestine, celebrating the historic and brave feat that you pulled out 35 years ago on November 15, 1988, for the fight, respect and inalienable exercise of your legitimate rights to freedom, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” the letter also read.

The leaders of the Central American country also reiterated their determination to continue cementing “the ties of brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation” between Nicaraguan and Palestinian nations and governments more than ever.

Israel has launched relentless air and ground attacks on the coastal enclave, including hospitals, residences, and houses of worship, since Palestinian resistance movements launched their surprise attack, dubbed Operation al-Aqsa Storm, against the regime on October 7.

At least 11,320 Palestinians have been killed, including 4,650 children and 3,145 women. More than 29,000 individuals have sustained injuries as well.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, 3,500 citizens are still missing or under the rubble, including 1,740 children.

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