Latest: A$AP Rocky arrives to hear trial verdict for ‘firing at friend’
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A$AP Rocky’s possible future in jail to be decided today.

Rapper A$AP Rocky faces a pivotal moment at Los Angeles courthouse on Monday where a judge will decide whether he will proceed to trial for allegedly firing a gun at a former friend and collaborator outside a hotel.

He can face up to eight years in jail if found guilty on two accounts of assault with a semi-automatic gun in possession.

Arriving at court adorned in a black suit paired with a matching face mask and a tie, the artist maintains his plea of ‘not guilty’ to the charges stemming from the shooting incident.

Prosecutors assert that he pointed his gun and shot at Terell Ephron, who was formerly known as A$AP Relli, with the confrontation leading him to some minor injuries.

Ephron testified at a previous hearing by recounting that Rocky held a gun to his stomach, threatened him with “I’ll kill you right now,” then fired shots and departed from the scene. A surveillance footage submitted by his legal team further reflects his words.

The two were friends from when they were a part of New York high school’s A$AP collective, which was a group assembled to make music together. 

Ephron disclosed that his friendship with the Fashion Killa singer began fading when he started backing out of their business ventures as his fame started growing.

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