Latest: Kate Middleton’s heartfelt gesture to crying girl will bring tears to your eyes
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Kate Middleton’s heartfelt gesture to crying girl resurfaces 

Kate Middleton, who has been away from royal engagements since the start of the year over serious health issues, is making headlines for her possible return to the public eye on the royal family’s biggest event of the year this month.

The Princess of Wales, who’s currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy following her unspecified cancer diagnosis, caught on camera while showing heartwarming gesture to crying little girl during a walk with Prince William in Windsor last year.

The mother-of-three comforted the little girl with a hug, laving every one in tears with her telling gesture in the public.

The Princess gave her a long hug and crouched down to chat with her for a while, making sure she felt better. The moment is resurfacing in absence of the future Queen and attracting heartfelt reactions from fans, with some responding: “She needs the same hug at the time.”

Kate will not be able to attend rehearsals for Trooping the Colour, on June 8, and is not likely to attend the actual event alongside the other royals on June 15.

However, fans are hopeful she would make a surprise appearance to wish the King on his big occasion, and her three children also want her to be on the iconic Palace palace balcony with them to watch the fly-past.

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