Latest: Qalibaf says will prioritize diplomacy, foreign relations if elected president
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Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, a candidate in the June 28 presidential election, says expanding Iran’s relations with all countries in the world is of great importance to him, stressing that foreign policy and diplomacy will be the “main pillar” of his government if elected president.

Qalibaf, who is currently the parliament speaker, made the remarks in a national TV debate on Sunday.

“I believe that the issue of Iran and Iran’s position in international relations is very important,” he said, stressing that diplomacy plays an important role in increasing the Islamic Republic’s power.

He went on to say that a significant part of the country’s issues is rooted in the government’s performance in implementing foreign policies.

Qalibaf further stated that his foreign policy will be based on three strategies– regional power, economic benefits, and strengthening transit corridors.

He also noted that Iran is in a strategic geographical location in the world, which has to be employed to maximize the Iranian nation’s gains.

“Iran is the best place to stop and change the flight destination,” he added.

He said Iran’s approach to the East is a civilizational one, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic should use the capacities of Asia and Eurasia.

Iran will vote for a new president on June 28. The election was called after president Ebrahim Raeisi lost his life along with seven others on May 19, when a helicopter carrying them crashed into a mountainous area in northwest Iran amid foggy conditions.

Six candidates have been approved by the Iranian Constitutional Council, which is a 12-member body overseeing elections.

Campaigning officially started for Iran’s upcoming election on June 9, which includes five live, televised debates on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), and will continue until 24 hours before the election.

The new administration, the 14th one after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, will assume power in late June or early July and hold office for four years.

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