AMIDST A SNOWSTORM OF LOVE | PROMO EP 28【Hindi Dubbed】 Chinese Drama in Hindi

AMIDST A SNOWSTORM OF LOVE | PROMO EP 28【Hindi Dubbed】 Chinese Drama in Hindi


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Presenting the Chinese drama ( c-drama ) “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love”

AMIDST A SNOWSTORM OF LOVE | PROMO EP 28【Hindi Dubbed】 Chinese Drama in Hindi

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★ About Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ★

Yin Guo is a famous billiards player who gets an invite to a big tournament in Hel and she’s super excited. But she has no idea how much this is going to change her life.

Before she can start getting ready for the tournament, a sudden snowstorm leaves her stuck with Lin Yi Yang, and they quickly hit it off. With help from her cousin, Yin Guo and Yi Yang keep getting to know each other even after the storm is over. But Yin Guo doesn’t know that Yi Yang is actually a big deal in the billiards world. He used to be a star player, but that was a while back.

Seeing how much Yin Guo loves billiards, Yi Yang decides he wants to get back into the pro billiards scene.

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➣ Drama: Amidst a Snowstorm of Love
➣ Original Title: 在暴雪时分
➣ Total Episodes: 30
➣ Genres: Romance, Sports
➣ Cast: Leo Wu, Zhao Jin Mai

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Yin Guo एक famous billiards player है जो Hel में होने वाले एक बड़े tournament का invite मिलता है और she’s super excited. पर उसको नहीं पता था कि this tournament उसकी life को कितना change करने वाला है।

Tournament के लिए ready होने से पहले, एक sudden snowstorm की वजह से she gets stuck with Lin Yi Yang, और they quickly hit it off. अपनी cousin की help से, Yin Guo और Yi Yang, storm के बाद भी continue to get to know each other. पर Yin Guo को नहीं पता कि Yi Yang actually billiards world में एक बड़ा नाम है। वह पहले एक star player था, लेकिन वो कुछ समय पहले की बात है।

Yin Guo को billiards से इतना प्यार करते देख, Yi Yang decide करता है कि वह फिर से pro billiards scene में वापस आना चाहता है।

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