Boron Benefits – Supplement may cut your risk for over a dozen diseases in half

Boron Benefits – Supplement may cut your risk for over a dozen diseases in half


Boron Benefits for Men and Women!
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Today we are sharing some exciting information from the National Institute of Health and WebMD regarding a little known micronutrient called boron. The benefits are extensive, you need to watch the video until the end as this may help you or someone you care about. Let’s get started. Boron is a trace mineral found in many fruits and vegetables.

Some researchers are saying that it may not be as bioavailable from food sources as it was in the past due to lower levels of nutrients in the soil. So we all may be deficient. But it is a micronutrient with diverse and vitally important roles in metabolism that render it necessary for plant, animal, and human health, and as recent research suggests, possibly for the evolution of life on Earth.

Here’s a summary of the top 5 benefits observed from boron supplement studies, after this we’ll get into some amazing details and additional benefits:

1. Increased levels of sex steroids have been demonstrated in both men and women after boron supplementation.
2. Boron has been shown to increase serum levels of D3 in animal studies and of vitamin D–deficient individuals in human studies.
3. Epidemiological evidence, case reports, and controlled animal and human studies have provided evidence for the use of boron as a safe and effective treatment for osteoarthritis.
4. Boron decreased malathion-induced oxidative stress, enhanced antioxidant defense mechanisms, and regenerated damaged liver, kidney, and brain tissues in rats.
5. Anti-inflammatory markers are significantly decreased.

So that’s the basics but the devil is in the details and if you are at risk from anything in this next list, this micronutrient can cut that risk in half.

Consider that elevated hs-CRP is associated with an increased risk for breast cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, obesity and metabolic syndrome in children, atherosclerosis, unstable angina, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, metastatic prostate cancer, lung cancer, adult depression, depression in childhood and psychosis in young adult life.

As you just heard this hs-CRP test that Doctors conduct shows a cause for many diseases. Is boron supplementation important? One week of boron, (10 milligrams per day) resulted in remarkable decreases, (approximately 50%) in plasma concentration of hs-CRP, which is a High-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

Scientists have known for many years that boron is essential for healthy bones and joints. It influences the production and activity of steroid hormones, actions via which this trace mineral is involved in the prevention of calcium loss and bone demineralization.

Boron also beneficially impacts vitamin-D utilization. Supplementation with boron stimulates bone growth in vitamin-D deficient animals and alleviates dysfunctions in mineral metabolism characteristic of vitamin-D deficiency.

Human clinical evidence for boron’s use in the treatment of osteoarthritis patients was first provided by a double-blind, placebo-controlled supplementation trial conducted in Australia, in which a significantly favorable response to a supplement of 6 milligrams of boron per day (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) was seen in 20 subjects with OA; 50% of subjects receiving supplemental boron improved compared with only 10% of those receiving the placebo.

And the studies keep coming, one published on Medical News Today has shown similar benefits for Rheumatoid arthritis patients.

As always you shouldn’t take too much of a good thing, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements a safe intake should be between 1 to 13 milligrams per day. Thank you for learning with us, please like, subscribe and share our videos.



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