[Full Movie] 大唐天下 Rise of Tang Dynasty 揭竿而起 | War Action film 历史战争电影 HD

[Full Movie] 大唐天下 Rise of Tang Dynasty 揭竿而起 | War Action film 历史战争电影 HD


Synopsis: The historical war action movie “Rise of Tang Dynasty 1 大唐天下之揭竿而起” tells that In 617 AD, Yang Guang(Emperor Yang of Sui) came to Jiangdu with his courtiers, concubines, and imperial bodyguards, living an extravagant lifestyle. In even less than half a year, the peasant uprising had been picking up momentum when he was still indulged in praise and accompanied by music and dancing. Li Mi spread the call to arms that elaborated on 10 major accusations of Emperor Yang of Sui to the country, “His guilt is too legion to inscribe on all bamboo stripes of Zhongnan Mountain. And the pernicious influence is too evil to be washed off by even Donghai sea.”, according to the Denunciation. Influenced by the article, Li Shimin donated his money widely and met Pei Ji, Deputy Palace Supervisor of Jin Yanggong, and Liu Wenjing, Magistrate of Jinyang County privately. Together, they formulated a strategy to overthrow the Great Sui Dynasty. Li Yuan was too cautious to make up his mind to do justice. Facing the threat of the court, Li Yuan, inspired by Li Shimin, decided to rise and do justice to overthrow the Sui Dynasty. In 617 AD (the thirteenth year under the reign title of Daye), Li Yuan established a General-in-Chief’s office in Taiyuan, claiming to be the General-in-Chief. He assigned Li Jiancheng as Chief Commander of Left, Li Shimin Chief Commander of Right, and appointed Pei Ji as Zhangshi(Secretary-General), Liu Wenjing as Sima(Chancellor of War) … Since then, the rise of the Tang Li Dynasty started.

故事简介: 古装历史战争电影《大唐天下之揭竿而起 Rise of Tang Dynasty 1》讲述公元617年,隋炀帝杨广带着他的群臣、嫔妃、禁卫来到江都,尽享奢靡。不到半年光景,就在他歌舞为伴、赞誉相随之时,农民起义已成燎原之势。 李密将檄文传送天下,历数隋炀帝十大罪状。檄文中说:罄南山之竹,书罪无穷,决东海之波,流恶难尽!李密的檄文让李世民感叹不已。 李世民广散钱财,私下结识晋阳宫副宫监裴寂和晋阳令刘文静,制定了推翻大隋王朝的方略。李渊谨小慎微,迟迟定不了举义的决心,李渊面对朝廷的威胁,在李世民的感召下,决定起兵举义,推翻大隋王朝。 大业十三年,李渊于太原立大将军府,自认大将军。封李建成为左领军大都督,李世民为右领军大都督,任命裴寂为长史,刘文静为司马……自此,大唐李氏王朝的开创,迈出了第一步。

出品 Studio: 北京斯奇正维 Siqi Zhengwei Culture, 山东心聚毅辉 Xinju Yihui Film, 永康三冠影业 Sanguan Film.
制片人 Produced by: 刘戈建 Liu Gejian, 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
导演 Directed by: 王文杰 Wang Wenjie, 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
编剧 Screenplay by: 张辉力 Zhang Huili.
主演 Starring: 沈晓海 Shen Xiaohai, 刘文治 Liu Wenzhi, 刘奕君 Liu Yijun, 鲍国安(87版曹操) Bao Guoan, 张子健 (李元芳) Zhang Zijian.
题材 Genres: 古装 历史 #ChineseHistory 战争 #WarMovie 动作 #ActionMovies

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