Golden Escape (2022) Movie Explained in Hindi | Golden Escape & Dream Heist Summarized

Golden Escape (2022) Movie Explained in Hindi | Golden Escape & Dream Heist Summarized


Golden Escape (2022) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Drama Thriller film “Golden Escape & Dream Heist” story summarized with a full ending explanation. The plot is about a man named Zong. He had a huge dream: he wanted to make movies based on his own stories. However, like many people with big dreams, he had no money at all. Tired of having no money, Zong decided to take a risk and call a well-known movie maker, hoping for a chance. But this movie maker was not a nice man; he was very mean, getting angry at anyone who made him upset. Zong saw this himself when he watched the movie maker yell at another writer for being late with his work. Afraid he might be next, Zong quickly said he was sorry and asked for more time. The movie maker, in a bad mood, only gave him four days to finish his story and then told him to leave. Back at his house, Zong tried to write but couldn’t think of anything. Feeling bored, he opened a package from his grandpa and found a letter. While reading it, he fell asleep and dreamt that his grandpa told him a secret: there was hidden treasure under their old house, which was now a prison, right by a well.

When Zong woke up, he found a map in the package that proved the dream was real. He had found a huge treasure! But there was a problem: to get the treasure, Zong had to go to prison. So, what did he do? He did something very silly: he stole a laptop and made sure his neighbors saw him. His plan worked too well, and soon he was in prison, where he met a guy named Grab. Grab and Zong quickly became friends, especially after Grab said he would look out for Zong. While in prison, Zong heard about two groups, one led by Grab and the other by a scary guy named Bao. Bao’s group was very unfriendly. They even tried to make Zong join them by being mean to him. But Grab didn’t let that happen and helped Zong out of the mess. While doing his job in the prison, Zong searched for the hidden treasure but ran into more problems. Bao and his friends beat him up, and when Zong didn’t come back to his room, Grab figured Bao was the reason. Bao said he’d tell where Zong was only if Grab drank some really yucky spit tea. Grab, wanting to help his friend, did it and found Zong. Together, Zong and Grab made a plan to steal the gold. They dressed up in disguises and used smart tricks to find the gold hidden behind a wall in the laundry room. They wanted to sneak the gold out with the laundry, hoping to one day be free and wealthy. But Bao, their enemy, was not ready to leave them alone.

Later in G0ld3n 3sc4p3, in a big fight, Zong and Grab had to defend themselves and the gold. Zong bravely took a hit for Grab. They won against Bao and thought about giving themselves up, knowing they’d have to stay in prison longer but had saved each other. In an unexpected turn, the government said Zong was the true owner of the treasure. Zong became a successful movie maker, creating films from his stories and opening a restaurant with Grab, showing that real friends and a little adventure can make even the craziest dreams come true.

Images and footage Source: Sangre Films, Dawn’s Light Pictures
Director: Justin Cheung
Produced by: Ray Lui
Writer: Bo Yuen Chan

Disclaimer: Any scene/clip is just a dramatic and artistic touch that is just supporting the narration characters acting, and we DO NOT promote any kind of violence because it is just a Educational Drama and NOTHING to do with reality.

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