Incredible Odyssey: Pilgrimage to the sacred hear

Incredible Odyssey: Pilgrimage to the sacred hear


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Whenever Xizang pops up on the screens of your phones or televisions, what images come to mind? Perhaps it’s the breathtaking expanse of cerulean skies, the snow-cloaked peaks kissing the heavens or the ethereal sapphire lakes strewn like celestial jewels?

Yet, amid this picturesque allure lies a duality. It is a realm shrouded in both mystery and contention, simultaneously hailed as a symbol of freedom on social media and under scrutiny for human rights violations in Western discourse.

What is the real Xizang like? With this question in mind, Cai Xuanxuan, a student from China’s Taiwan, visited Xizang for the first time to search for an answer.

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