John L. Thornton on outlook of China-U.S. ties

John L. Thornton on outlook of China-U.S. ties


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The U.S. election cycle is heating up and Republican candidates are already competing on who can be the most hawkish on China. This is indicative of the short-term rhetoric in American politics that detracts from long-term vision for China-U.S. ties. Long-time China watcher, John L. Thornton cites a poll from prominent pollster Frank Luntz, who did a survey on American views of the Chinese people. He found that contrary to political rhetoric, 81 percent of Americans had a favorable or neutral view of Chinese people. Thornton says that people-to-people exchange is the pillar for China-U.S. relations, a fact that the Chinese leader noted during his speech in San Francisco, which was directed at the American people. We speak to Thornton on the trajectory of China-U.S. ties in light of increasing people-to-people exchange.

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