Josuha ” New Released South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie 2024 | Varun| Raahei | New South Movies 2024

Josuha ” New Released South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie 2024 | Varun| Raahei | New South Movies 2024


After falling in love and drifting apart, an American attorney and a contract killer reunite during a high-profile drug case.

Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon
Written by Gautham Vasudev Menon
Produced by Ishari K. Ganesh
Starring Varun, Krishna, Raahei
Cinematography S. R. Kathir
Edited by Anthony
Presented By WIDE ANGLE MEDIA PVT LTD (Wamindia Movies)

Synopsis (PLOT):
Joshua, a former assassin working for a private security agency in Chennai, is assigned to protect his ex-girlfriend Kundhavi Chidambaram, a lawyer based in New York. It is revealed that Kundhavi is one of the members of a prosecution team hired to testifying against Leguiziamo alias El Chapo, the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. El Chapo placed a bounty on the team and had them killed, but Kundhavi survived the attack. Kundhavi soon became the main attorney to punish El Chapo, which resulted in El Chapo in hiring local thugs to finish her.
One night, a gang headed by Don Shiva and Koti, Joshua’s childhood friend, arrives to kill Kundhavi at the hotel, but Joshua and his men take them down and Joshua gets injured in the process. Joshua learns about the persons behind the attack through his boss Madhavi. Kundhavi gets kidnapped again by Shiva and Koti, but Joshua saves her again and kills Shiva. Koti escapes again and learns that Joshua is his friend. Koti tells his men to leave Kundhavi, while secretly trying to kill her for money. However, Joshua knew about this and a fight ensues in which Joshua spares Koti due to their friendship.
Meanwhile, Kundhavi’s father Chidambaram Krishnamoorthy arrives to take Kundhavi to a safe place, but Madhavi realises that Chidambaram hired Koti and Shiva to kill Kundhavi as Chidambaram was involved in El Chapo’s drug trade. Kundhavi and Joshua learn about this through Madhavi, where Joshua finishes Chidambaram’s henchmen and Kundhavi kills Chidambaram in self-defense. Joshua promises Kundhavi that he will always be with her and will protect her from various dangers.

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