New dynamics in cross-Strait relations

New dynamics in cross-Strait relations


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Cross-Strait relations suffer another blow as Lai Ching-te sent a “dangerous signal” of seeking “Taiwan independence,” which is incompatible with peace across the Taiwan Straits, in his speech after assuming the role of the Taiwan region’s new leader on May 20. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reacted to this speech and said that no matter how the political situation on the Taiwan island changes, it will not change the historical and legal facts that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is part of China. In this edition of The Hub, Wang Guan talks to Yang Xiyu, senior research fellow from the China Institute of International Studies, and to Josef Mahoney, professor of Politics and International Relations at East China Normal University, to discuss the new dynamics in cross-Strait relations as Lai attempts to challenge the one-China principle. Yang gives a detailed historical account of the cross-Strait relations, with the one-China principle underpinning peace across the Taiwan Straits. Mahoney tells Wang Guan that Washington has been dangerously playing the Taiwan card and draws a comparison with the current situation in Ukraine.

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