Latest: Squid Game gets cold reaction on Emmys achievement: Read Inside
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Squid Game gets cold reaction on Emmys achievement: Read Inside

Squid Game grabbed major wins in the Emmy Awards 2022, but the South Korean fans did not seem happy.

Squid Game became the first South Korean series to achieve two Emmys in a row with Lee Jung Jae winning the Best Actor Award and Hwang Dong Hyuk receiving the Best Drama Director Award.

As per the reports of Tri City Herald,  although the big news flooded social media with congratulatory messages from fans, the South Koreans didn’t show the enthusiasm level which was expected.

In fact, there were numerous critical messages from the audience which showed little excitement compared to how they reacted when Parasite became the first non-English-language movie to secure the win for best film at the Academy Awards in 2020.

While the news of Squid Game winning Emmys remained on the front pages of the internet editions of major South Korean media outlets, it was soon dominated by domestic politics.

According to the film critic Kim See Moo “People are getting used to (major awards).  South Koreans no longer think there are any entry barriers for these awards, and they think anyone has a shot at winning if they put in the hard work.” 

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