Latest: GOT7 Jackson admits he was forced into depression
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GOT7’s Jackson Wang was not satisfied with his work before falling into depression and fans are worried

GOT7’s Jackson Wang shared that he didn’t feel happy in the music industry before being forced into depression.

While talking to Vogue, behind the scenes of his performance at Head in Clouds Festival, the GOT7 member revealed how isn’t happy with his musical work except for his recent album MAGIC MAN.

“I’ve never been satisfied with myself in my entire life, no matter what I do. And I think this album is the first time I think it’s okay. I’ve never been so raw in my life“, the idol shared.

According to Music Mundial, the K-pop idol expressed how his lack of passion for his career has been affecting his mental health and has forced him into depression.

He also confessed how he lost himself momentarily due to the miserable life he was leading in the industry from the past few years.

“And I’ve been in this industry for eight, nine years. To the point where I lost myself and it all felt like a loop. You know, it’s just thing after thing, schedule after schedule. I was so down“ confessed Jackson.

However, after being stuck in the same loop for some time, he gained back his grip on life and decided to enjoy his identity for who he really is.

“I may not be perfect, you know? Not everyone likes me. But at least if you like me, if you support me, you’re supporting the real Jackson“ said the idol.

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