Latest: Kanye West wanted to name music album ‘Ye’ after Hitler
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Kanye West wanted to name music album ‘Ye’ after Hitler

Kanye West is reportedly a big fan of Adolf Hitler and even wanted to name his music album after the German dictator.

A former business executive of the rapper, who now goes by Ye, told CNN that West has long been fascinated by Hitler and used to blatantly express his admiration for him while creating a hostile work environment for his employees.

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding West’s remarks against Jews, the executive shared an insight into the toxic workplace that Ye created partly because of his “obsession” with Hitler.

“He would praise Hitler by saying how incredible it was that he was able to accumulate so much power and would talk about all the great things he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people,” the insider told the outlet.

The executive, who asked not to be named, said he resigned from his job because of the aforementioned reason and reached a settlement with Ye over workplace complaints, including harassment.

The insider further said that West talked about reading the 1925 autobiographical manifesto of the Nazi party leader titled Mein Kampf and praised Hitler and his party for their use of propaganda.

The individual also revealed that people close to the Praise God hit-maker were “fully aware” of his stance on Hitler.

Moreover, the outlet shared that four sources have claimed that West wanted his eighth studio album to be titled “Hitler” but went on to release it as Ye.

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