Latest: Jesse Plemons opens up about his marriage to Kirsten Dunst
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Jesse Plemons recently opened up about getting married to long-term girlfriend and mother of his two kids, Kirsten Dunst as their wedding nears its first anniversary.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his new series Love & Death Wednesday, the 35-year-old actor said, “I knew that she [Kirsten] would be in my life for a long time.”

“It’s funny. I wasn’t sure how different [marriage] was gonna feel because we’ve been together for a while and, two kids later, it’s pretty solid, you know?,” said Plemons

He shared that he was pleasantly surprised by how different getting married and having a proper celebration of their relationship feels.

“But there was something really nice about [a wedding] and actually setting aside time to celebrate it, and it does feel different, in a good way,”

“We connected first creatively and as friends and I just enjoy her instincts and her opinions so much,” the Fargo actor added.

The couple met on the set of Fargo, and also did the Benedict Cumberbatch starring movie The Power of the Dog together, for which they were both nominated for Academy Awards.

Plemons’s newest project, Love & Death is based on a true story about Montgomery (played by Elisabeth Olsen), who gets accused of murdering Allan’s( played by Plemon) wife amid an affair with him.

The first three episodes of Love & Death are streaming now on HBO Max. New episodes will be dropped weekly through May 25.

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