Latest: Boy saves the day after driver falls unconscious in moving school bus
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Dillon Reeves, the seventh-grader, is seen steer the school bus while the driver remains unconscious, in this still taken from a video released on April 29, 2023. — Twitter/@BBCWorld

A seventh-grader saved his fellow students by taking control of the school bus’s steering wheel after the vehicle’s driver fainted while driving in Michigan, United States.

The bus driver found it difficult to drive after becoming unconscious, as seen in a security camera footage released by Warren Consolidated Schools, as reported by the BBC.

Just moments after radioing her message about feeling dizzy, the driver collapsed on her seat and suffered from a medical emergency.

The 13-year-old student on the bus, Dillon Reeves, rushed toward the driver and took control of the vehicle’s steering wheel while placing his foot on the brake.

The teenager then asks his fellow students to dial up emergency services for attending to the driver quickly, while those on the road nearby came to rescue the children in the midst of the incident and helped them get off the bus.

The driver was later hospitalised, as per reports.

Netizens react

Netizens have reacted to this heroic act of the seventh-grader lauding his instinct of tackling two emergencies simultaneously.

“wow exceptional boy…how he dealt with two emergencies with such ease- controlled the bus and then turned to request medical help for the driver!” tweeted a user.

Another wished “all young stars can be this empowered to safe lives and take charge of every situation.”

One user termed the teenager “brave” while appreciating his swift action.

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