Latest: French unions protest pensions reform in Cannes
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Protesters from French labor unions threw an effigy of President Emmanuel Macron into the air as they marched towards Cannes on Sunday, in a demonstration against pension law reform.

Police officers blocked roads leading Cannes city center, as the French Riviera city has banned demonstrations near the ongoing film festival.

France has been the scene of strikes and demonstrations for months, chiefly because of President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform law, which he passed last month by using constitutional powers to circumvent opposition in parliament. It raises the retirement age to 64.

The protest was organized by members of the CGT, Solidaires, FSU and UNSA unions. Members have called for another protest on March 23, where they are set to march to the Palais de Festival. 

(Source: Reuters) 


Source: Presstv

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