Latest: Iran’s power output up by 7 GW compared with mid-2021
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Iran has added more than 7 GW to its electricity generation output since August 2021.

Iran’s Energy Ministry says power generation capacity in the country has risen by 7 gigawatts (GW) since mid-2022 when Iran’s current administrative government took office.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Ministry said that Iran had launched nearly 5.2 GW of new thermal power plants, including combined cycle systems which are more efficient than the normal gas fired power plants, since August 2021.

It added that power generation at existing power plants, including thermal and renewables, had increased by 1.4 GW over the same period through a series of efficiency projects carried out by domestic firms.

The statement said small electricity stations launched in various areas across Iran since mid-2021 had added another 0.268 GW to the country’s power production capacity.

One GW of electricity is enough to respond to power demand in a city of more than a million people.

Latest government estimates show Iran’s total power generation capacity has exceeded 90 GW of which more than 60 GW is fully operational.

State electricity company Tavanir said earlier this week that it expects demand for electricity to reach as much as 73 GW in peak consumption hours this summer, up more than 10% compared to figures reported last year.

Source: Presstv

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