Latest: Cineverse corp. acquires North American rights to ‘Terrifier 3’ for wide theatrical release
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Cineverse Corp. has obtained the North American distribution rights for the upcoming slasher film Terrifier 3, directed by Damien Leone and produced by Phil Falcone. 

The movie is set to have a wide theatrical release in North America next year 2024, followed by its exclusive debut on Cineverse’s streaming service, Screambox.

The previous installment, Terrifier 2 was produced with a budget of less than $250,000 but went on to earn an impressive $15 million at the global box office.

It garnered significant attention on social media as fans shared the most shocking moments of the film. Following its theatrical run, Terrifier 2 was made available on Screambox, leading to a substantial increase in subscriptions for the streaming service.

Cineverse chairman and CEO Chris McGurk expressed excitement about the continuation of the franchise, emphasising the commitment to keeping the film independent and uncut. 

The company aims to make Terrifier 3 the centerpiece of their releasing strategy, focusing on creator-friendly collaboration to generate fan-favorite franchises and remakes that work both theatrically and in driving streaming subscription revenues. 

Leone, the director, revealed that he had been working on the third installment even before completing Terrifier 2. He intends to bring back the tone of the first film, aiming for a simpler and grittier slasher experience. 

Leone also expressed his desire to make Terrifier 3 the scariest and darkest installment yet, intending to challenge audiences’ comfort with the character Art the Clown.

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