Latest: Disney star Christy Carlson Romano rejects ‘celebrity’ label, demands change for child actors
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Disney star Christy Carlson Romano has renounced the label of “celebrity,” finding it dehumanising, and demands change for child actors. 

In an interview, Romano preferred to be called a “public person” or content creator, highlighting the outdated and triggering nature of the term “celebrity.” Through her podcast company, PodCo, and YouTube channel, Romano shares personal stories about her life as a child actor and advocates for reform.

Romano expressed anger over Elle Fanning’s experience of being called “unf—able” at 16 and emphasises the need for a supportive community for recovered child actors. 

She believes that fundamental changes in the industry are necessary and calls for improved protection and education for child actors through federal regulations.

While acknowledging that change may be slow, Romano finds solidarity with fellow child stars and fosters an authentic and supportive community. 

Romano, 39, has partnered with Emergen-C to promote their on-the-go supplement, emphasising its positive impact on her immune system during her time on “Even Stevens.”

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