Latest: ‘Love Island’ viewers left howling with laughter over THIS moment
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Sammy Root was in bed with his former partner Jess Harding when the moment took place

Fans of Love Island were left in stitches after a hilarious moment when contestant Sammy Root began to talk in his sleep in an Unseen Bits clip. He began to laugh while asleep and claimed he was “keeping his feelings close to his chest.”

The contestant was in bed with his former partner Jess Harding when he claimed: “It’s scary, those feelings. I’m like br br br br br br. I’m keeping my feelings close to my chest.”

Not long after, viewers of the show took to various social media pages to give their thoughts on the hilarious moment, with one fan lightly insulting the man. “Sammy speaking more sense in his sleep than when he’s awake lmfaooo,” while another thought the moment was a little scary. “Sammy needs to be exorcised that sleep talking was scary!”

A third fan claimed: “Lol Sammy talking in his sleep is hilarious! … I’d be freaked out if someone done that in the middle of the night!”

“Someone said even in Sammy’s sleep he’s getting to know a bombshell who isn’t Jess and I screamed,” joked another fan while a last one added: “Poor Sammy getting drawn out by #LoveIsland for sleep talking.”

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