Latest: 10 dead as plane crashes into Malaysian street
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A small plane crashed into a Malaysian street in the central Selangor state, killing eight people on board and two motorists on the ground on Thursday, the local police said.

Police chief Mohamad Iqbal said: “For now, I can say at least 10 people were killed in the plane crash. Two passing motorists — one in a car and one on a motorcycle — also perished together with the eight on board the plane.”

The aircraft “fell to the ground and exploded upon impact”, and the debris reportedly hit a motorcycle, leaving the rider dead, eyewitnesses told local media.

A video of the site showing a part of the road charred with smoke billowing out has been viewed over 800,000 times on X.

Malaysia’s civil aviation authority issued a statement indicating that the aircraft was carrying six passengers and two flight crew members at the time of the crash. However, no official confirmation of casualties has been provided.

The flight took off from the northern resort island of Langkawi, embarking on a journey towards the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, situated to the west of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

Chief of the civil aviation authority, Norazman Mahmud, noted that no distress signal or mayday call had been transmitted prior to the catastrophic event.

In response to this tragic incident, the Air Accident Investigation Bureau will undertake a comprehensive investigation to uncover the factors that led to the crash. The sequence of events leading to the disaster remains uncertain, prompting a thorough inquiry into the circumstances.

Eyewitness accounts painted a picture of a plane behaving erratically in the air. Mohamad Syahmie Mohamad Hashim, a former member of the Malaysian air force, recounted the unsettling sight of the aircraft’s unpredictable flight.

Shortly, a blast was heard, leaving Hashim and others to rush to the crash site. Hashim described the heart-wrenching scene of encountering the remains of the aircraft and witnessing the distressing sight of a human body engulfed in flames, leaving him feeling helpless.

Other witnesses noted that the Beechcraft Model 390 burst into flames upon impact as it struck the ground in the Elmina Estate area near the Shah Alam suburb. 

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