Latest: Meghan Markle ‘relaunch’ may not happen amid ‘showdown’ with Royal Family
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Ever since Meghan Markle teased her return to the social media, there has been buzz about what to expect from her upcoming relaunch.

With the growing speculation, the Duchess of Sussex is seemingly taking it to her advantage as she is tipped to slap a hefty price tag for any marketing gig she will get.

Royal expert Eric Schiffer previously told the Daily Mail that since celebrities like the Kardashians ‘command $1 million and up for a single post’ promoting a product, then it’s highly likely that Meghan could also be ‘earning those sorts of fees.’

Multiple sources confirmed to Page Six earlier this month that the Duchess, 42, had secured the Instagram handle @meghan.

When the news broke, the page, which had been around for a year, had zero posts and about 4,000 followers. And soon it rapidly accrued followers and it currently stands at more than 87,000 followers.

The profile photo is merely a stock pic of peonies, which is said to be 42-year-old’s favourite flower.

However, now a source told Page Six that Meghan has no plans to return to Instagram. “How can she make money if she doesn’t even have Instagram and has no plans to have one?” the source rhetorically asked.

Meghan Markle announces return to Instagram

The news of Meghan’s return made rounds after last year’s interview with The Cut, during which she revealed she was planning to join the platform again.

However, if the Duchess were to return to social media to earn her pay cheque, this may not bode too well with her Royal in-laws.

Per royal commentator for, Daniela the main concern for the Royal Family would be Meghan promoting merchandise under the Duchess of Sussex title.

She posed that when Meghan’s “reportedly entrepreneurial offering is finally revealed with all the bells, whistles and overwrought, capitalized noun-strewn press releases you might expect, could this be setting the stage for a fresh showdown with Buckingham Palace?”

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