Latest: Sofia Vergara feels ‘SAD’ as she experiences awkwardness amid being single?
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Sofia Vergara feels ‘SAD’ as she experiences awkwardness amid being single?

Sofia Vergara refused to answer on her personal life after Howie Mandel asked another awkward question about her being single on Wednesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC.

In July, the 51-year-old judge made the announcement of her separation from her husband, Joe Manganiello, 46, following seven years of marriage.

Since then, Howie Mandel, 67, has been teasing her. During the results episode, show host Terry Crews, 55, unveiled a unique Sonic ‘Tot’ seat supposedly constructed entirely from tater tots.

He asked if any of the judges would volunteer to take a seat on it. In response, Simon Cowell, 63, playfully pointed at Sofia, who is 51.

Sofia, in good spirits, walked up to the stage, took her place in the seat made of tater tots, and then, to add to the fun, participated in a lie detector test.

‘What could they possibly ask me that they need a lie detector?’ Sofia said.

Sofia showed her funny side while answering silly questions from Howie, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum.

Howie then asked Sofia if she saw anyone in the audience that she was interested in after recently splitting from husband Joe.

While men in the audience tried to gain her attention, Sofia ripped off the lie detector armband and refused to answer any more questions.

‘That’s it. That’s it,’ Sofia said as she got up out of the chair.

Howie has been ribbing Sofia since she announced her split in July by making jokes about her new relationship status.

The comedian has since told that the brunette bombshell has ‘got a good sense of humor about it’ and is ‘always the first one to laugh.’

Howie added: ‘I would not do it if I felt in any way that I would be offending her even in the slightest.’

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