Latest: Gas supply to Sindh adversely affected
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SSGC announces it will manage the gas load by keeping the domestic sector on top priority.— AFP/File

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Thursday said that it was facing a 120mmcfd shortfall as two of the gas fields from which the company purchases the commodity developed technical issues and resultantly, the supply of natural gas to Sindh was badly affected.

In a statement, the SSGC said, “Since early morning, two of the gas fields from which the SSGC purchase natural gas are providing accumulative short supplies of 120 mmcfd.”

The Kunnar-Pasakhi Deep (KPD) gas field was supplying 100 mmcfd gas short due to power failure at its end whereas Niamat Basal is providing 20 mmcfd short gas due to some technical reasons, it added.

In view of the gas shortfall, the SSGC announced that it will manage the gas load by keeping the domestic sector on top priority.

Maintenance of KPD gas field

Last month, the gas supply to the port city remained affected from August 12 to 27 due to the maintenance work in the Kunnar-Pasakhi Deep (KPD) gas field.

“There will be a shortage of 50 mmcfd from August 12 to 15 whereas there will be a severe shortfall of 107 mmcfd from August 16 to 23,” the SSGC had said.

In a statement, the SSGC further said that the gas supply to Karachi remain affected from August 23 to 27 as well whereas areas at the end of the gas distribution system might also face gas supply shortfall.

The gas transmission company further stated that K-Electric (KE) had reduced its gas consumption by 33% due to which the gas shortfall might not be drastic.

“KE had given in writing that it would consume 90 mmcfd,” the SSGC said adding that the power company had shut down a power plant or a unit quoting the power company that 30 mmcfd gas was not required as the weather was good.

“Consumption of gas at will would create complications in the future,” it added.

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