Latest: Prince William fears his younger brother Harry may take his place?
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Prince William fears his younger brother Harry may take his place?

Prince William – who’s only one step closer to the British throne, a role he’s been preparing for his whole life – has been making headlines for his feud with younger brother Prince Harry since the Duke made his rift with the future king public.

The Prince of Wales, who was put through years of training to ensure the survival of the British monarchy, will have to wait for his turn to run the Firm as the 74-year-old, during his first speech as the King, vowed to serve his people for life. It means he has no plan to abdicate to William.

“As the Queen herself did with such unswerving devotion, I too now solemnly pledge myself, throughout the remaining time God grants me, to uphold the Constitutional principles at the heart of our nation,” said the King in his historic address.

However, some royal critics and historians think that William fears that his younger brother may take his place in some mysterious circumstances even though George’s father does not seem to be in hurry to become the King.

Royal expert Richard Eden has urged to take Prince Harry out of the line of succession altogether instead of only removing his HRH title.

Speaking with Palace Confidential program, the expert said: “They should be going much further. What actually matters is that he’s still in the line of succession.”

The expert went on: “God forbid if something was to happen to the Royal Family, he would become our king.  That should end, he should be removed from the line of succession and he is still one of those counsellors of state that can stand in for the 74-year-old monarch.” 

Another expert, Kate Mansey, said the palace’s move suggests “slowly but surely, [Harry and Meghan] aren’t going to be allowed back in.”

Kate claimed: “Harry has made quite a lot of reference to the fact that he still remains in line to the throne, so…some of that might upset him, being bumped down.”

There are speculations and rumours that William won’t support his father King Charles’s any decision to welcome Harry back into the royal fold as he’s heartbroken and devastated by Meghan’s husband’s claims in his memoir Spare, and he allegedly fears the Duke may take his place.

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