Latest: Israeli soldiers brutalise Palestinian detainees in West Bank amid Gaza genocide
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A horrifying video showed Israeli occupation forces severely violating international humanitarian law by dehumanising political detainees in the occupied West Bank amid ongoing Palestinian genocide in Gaza.

The soldiers are shown in the video, which was shot close to Hebron, piling up the detainees and beating them while tying their wrists behind their backs after taking their clothes off.

Israeli troops pushed deeper into Gaza Tuesday, driving tanks and armoured bulldozers through the rubble of shattered buildings and hunting for Hamas fighters who carried out the worst attack in Israel’s history.

Gaza’s health ministry said Tuesday that at least 8,525 people have been killed in the Palestinian territory since the start of the war with Israel on October 7.

The ministry said at least 3,542 children and 2,187 women were among the dead, as Israel pressed on with its air and ground campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He said the ministry has received reports of 2,000 people still trapped under the rubble, including 1,100 children.

Army footage showed soldiers, who are also seeking to free at least 240 hostages, advancing through a devastated landscape, with buildings reduced to a mangled mess of stone and twisted metal by weeks of relentless Israeli bombing.

However, on Tuesday, Israeli forces reported that a “hostile aircraft intrusion” set off warning sirens in the area of Eilat, a resort town on the Red Sea.

Netanyahu said pausing operations now would be a “surrender” to the Palestinian group Hamas responsible for brutal raids on Israeli homes, farms and villages that killed an estimated 1,400 people.

But the humanitarian toll has sparked a global backlash, with aid groups and the United Nations saying time is running out for many of the territory’s 2.4 million people denied access to food, water, fuel, and medicine.

Surgeons are conducting amputations and other operations on hospital floors without anesthetics and children are forced to drink salty water, said Jean-Francois Corty, vice president of Medecins Sans Frontieres, which has 20 staff on the ground.

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