Latest: Donald Trump boasts about outperforming Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus with his J6 choir song
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President Donald Trump at a campaign rally on Oct. 6, 2018 in Topeka, Kan. Taylor Swift arrives at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, May 20, 2018. — X/@ap

The success of the song “Justice for All,” which Donald Trump co-wrote with a group of individuals incarcerated for their roles in the Capitol attack on January 6, was the first thing that the former president boasted about during the opening of his rally in Houston on Thursday.

The J6 Prison Choir performed a mash-up of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance, with Trump’s rendition of the “beautiful words,” as the former president entered the stage and saluted the flag.

Trump said he dubbed the group the “J6 hostages,” calling what happened to the men “a shame.”

“And when that came out it went to the No 1 song,” Trump bragged. “It was beating everybody, it beat Taylor Swift, it beat Miley Cyrus, who was No 1 and 2, they were No 1 and 2, we knocked them off for a long time. That song was out there for a long time.”

Justice for All was the most downloaded song for purchase in March after topping Billboard’s digital music sales chart for a single week. 

Along with that, it beat out Cyrus’ song Flowers to become the number-one song on iTunes for a weekend in March.

But according to Billboard, it lagged well behind Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night,” which is currently the most streamed song.

While Justice for All was streamed 442,000 times, Wallen’s hit received 38.9 million streams.

Furthermore, Cyrus continued to lead Billboard’s radio song survey.

Trump exaggerated the song’s enduring impact during the rally.

“It was the No 1 record or song – that was for months – so I just want to tell you about it and I thought this might be an appropriate place,” he told the crowd. “It’s certainly an appropriate state, I love Texas, it’s big and strong and the people are big and strong too.”

He declared that as he runs for president once more, he intends to play it “a couple of times more.”

Rather than pulling away from the deadly riot on January 6, Trump has strengthened his defence of individuals facing legal action for their roles in the incident.

He spoke about the “spirit” of the J6 Prison Choir.

Unless they are accused of attacking a police officer, the proceeds from the single will be used to support their legal defence.

The Capitol attack on January 6th has resulted in hundreds of police officer injuries and five confirmed deaths.

After rallying supporters in the Ellipse, which is close to the White House, on January 6, 2021, Trump called for them to march on the Capitol, where Vice President Mike Pence and congressional leaders were present to officially recognise President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

Trump fraudulently claimed—and still does—that there was massive voter fraud, depriving him of a second term.

He was cleared by the US Senate after being impeached twice for his involvement in an uprising, but he still faces criminal charges in connection with January 6 as a result of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. 

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