Latest: Greta Gerwig spills on next ‘James Bond’ in her opinion
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Greta Gerwig spills on next ‘James Bond’ in her opinion

Numerous people are vying to be the next James Bond. But Kingsley Ben-Adir, the Barbie star, is who Greta Gerwig believes it should be.

Speaking with Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast about the massively successful Mattel doll film, the director opted to commend the 37-year-old’s acting abilities.

The British actor’s final monologue, which follows Ryan Gosling’s gift of a jacket to him, is described by the director as one of his most memorable moments in the movie and as the pinnacle of his classical acting abilities.

“He can do anything and is a very proper, trained British actor,” she continued.

“He can do the [Laurence] Olivier voice, so we had versions where he turned around, and it was British,” the 40-year-old noted.

Adding, “But that was one of those [moments] when he turned around and did that voice – everybody on set, everybody’s jaw dropped. He became this different person.”

The filmmaker noted, “I think the direction I gave to him, I said something like, ‘Ascend the throne,’ and he was like, ‘Got it.’”

She said, “And he turned around, and he ascended the throne. I was like, ‘Get this to whoever is making Bond, [they] need this immediately.”

Even though Greta recommended Kingsley, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli downplayed the choice, stating that the character must travel a “big road ahead” before being “reinvented for the next chapter.”

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