Latest: Jared Leto gushes over looking like Scott Disick
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Jared Leto embraces looking alike Scott Disick

Jared Leto doesn’t mind fans comparing him side by side with Scott Disick and calling them look-alikes.

The Morbius actor even wished to be related to the Keeping up with the Kardashians star.

“That would be nice. Because then I would have a rich relative,” Leto, 51, said on SiriusXM’s TikTok Radio on Friday, November 17. “Because he’s very wealthy, right? Yeah, that would be nice.”

Radio personality Davis Burleson mentioned that Leto and 40-year-old Disick appear “identical” according to TikTok users.

Leto then expressed gratitude to the presenter for bringing up the topic.

“Lucky me,” the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer said, adding. “It’s hard when you look at yourself. But they do say that people who look alike actually share a lot of DNA, sometimes.”

“You know, if there’s someone like, ‘Oh, my God, you look exactly like this guy,’ you actually might be related somehow.”

Leto and Disick were described as celebrities “written in the same font” in one widely shared video. In response to a Leto video, another TikTok user highlighted how much the actor and Disick looked identical.

“OK, so, that’s not Scott Disick, that’s Jared Leto,” the fan said in a clip from February. “But I can’t confirm if that’s not Jared Leto method-acting as Scott Disick on TikTok.”

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