Latest: Resistance front’s unity foiled US-Israeli plots against Gaza: Iran
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Iran’s security chief says the resistance front’s unity in the face of Israel’s brutality in Gaza thwarted US-Zionist plots against the Palestinians in the besieged territory.

Ali Akbar Ahmadian, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous and his accompanying delegation in the capital Tehran on Sunday.

“The cohesion and unity of the resistance front ruined the US and the Zionist regime’s plans to bring down Gaza, displace the [Palestinian] people and destroy the resistance,” Ahmadian was quoted as saying by the SNSC-affiliated Nour News.

Praising as “unparalleled” the resistance of Gaza residents against the barbaric attacks of the child-killing Israeli regime, the Iranian security chief said, “Today, the Palestinian people and resistance have shown capabilities in the fight against the aggressors the armies of several countries cannot demonstrate; and this is an honor of the resistance front’s.”

Ahmadian said, “The resistance front from Syria to Yemen will never allow the sinister plans of the arrogance system to be implemented.”

Meanwhile, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council highlighted the depth of Tehran-Damascus relations and said Syria has an important and pivotal role in the West Asia region.

Arnous, for his part, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and companionship of the Iranian government and nation as he underlined the expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries in all fields, especially economy.

“Joint efforts will repel [external] pressures and strengthen the steadfastness of the two countries,” the Syrian prime minister said.

Bilateral cooperation will have positive results on both sides and the entire region, he said.

Israel waged the war on Gaza on October 7 after Palestinian resistance groups carried out a surprise attack against the occupying entity in response to its decades-long crimes against Palestinians. Israeli strikes have so far killed more than 17,400 people, most of them women and children, and injured over 46,480 others in its relentless air and ground attacks on Gaza since.

According to the UN, around 80 percent of the inhabitants of Gaza are displaced and more than 1.1 million are seeking refuge in UN Palestine refugee agency (UNRWA) shelters.


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