Latest: Prince Harry’s former pal shares update on King Charles reconciliation
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Prince Harry’s former pal shares update on King Charles reconciliation

Prince Harry’s brief meeting with his cancer-stricken father, King Charles, has sparked hope that there is a possibility of a reconciliation.

The Duke of Sussex had been estranged from the royal family owing to their years-long bitter feud, which was deepened after Harry made bombshell claims about his family in his memoir, Spare.

Despite the fact that Charles personally called Harry to tell him about his cancer diagnosis and Harry rushed to meet him, the Duke has lost the support of his family, a former friend claimed to The Mirror.

Edward Charles Featherstone, a pseudonym chosen by one of Harry’s former polo playing pals, claimed in his memoir, The Rude Beginning, that things are difficult for Harry now.

Harry doesn’t have “the bosom of [his] family to kind of lean back on, to rely on.” He suggested that it likely to have been “very difficult” for him.

He continued, “I think not having a close connection to your parents for whatever reason, whether you are royalty as in the case of William and Harry, or if you’ve lost a parent as did William and Harry, if your father is the future King of England, all of those things creates an independence.”

Prince Harry has also been tipped to return to UK in May. It remains to be seen if the Duke will be arriving with his children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

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