Latest: Prince Harry faces legal fight over US visa following drug use confession
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Harry’s memoir sent shockwaves across the world, documented all aspects of Harry’s life

Prince Harry finds himself in a legal dispute regarding his US visa following his admission of drug use in his memoir, Spare.

Today, the Duke of Sussex’s visa is the focal point of a court case against the US Government, aiming to compel officials to release Harry’s US immigration records.

Drug use can be considered as grounds to deny a US visa application which threatens Harry’s US immigration status.

A conservative think tank is arguing that Prince Harry’s visa application should be made public to find out whether the duke declared to using drugs before entering the US in 2020.

The Heritage Foundation sued the Department of Homeland security under the Freedom of Information Act claiming that Harry may have received favourable treatment when applying for his visa. 

The Department of Homeland Security enforce anybody entering the US to tick a yes or no box to using drugs.

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The Biden administration is arguing against the papers being released on the basis that visa applicants have a right to privacy.

In a court hearing today the Heritage Foundation will argue for Harry’s immigration records to be released and will likely be followed by a written opinion.

In Spare, Harry admitted to using cocaine when he was a teenager, smoking marijuana at Eton and taking psychedelic mushrooms on a trip to California.

He revealed about his cocaine use: “It wasn’t much fun, and it didn’t make me particularly happy, as it seemed to make everyone around me…but it did make me feel different, and that was the main goal.”

Harry’s memoir, that sent shockwaves across the world, documented all aspects of Harry’s life, including his fractious relationship with his father, King Charles, and his turbulent sibling rivalry with big brother Prince William.

In his tell-all memoir, the Prince admitted to taking marijuana, cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms in the past.

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