Latest: Katy Perry sings Taylor Swift’s song about their feud at ‘Eras’
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Katy Perry proved once again that there is no more bad blood between her and Taylor Swift.

The Fireworks hitmaker attended Taylor’s Eras Tour in Sydney on Friday, where Swift performed a song that was allegedly inspired by their years-long feud: Bad Blood.

Katy, who attended the concert with pal Rita Ora, uploaded snaps and clips from the night to her Instagram, specifically her hilarious reaction to Taylor singing the song.

“Got to see an old friend shine tonight [heart and sparkles emojis],” she affectionately wrote in the post.

She also uploaded a clip of her and Rita singing along to You Belong With Me.

Unsurprisingly, longtime fans of the pop icons were highly amused by the display.


“The way she sang bad blood, without any bad vibes, they gave it to me everything, mothers mothering,” gushed another.

The now-resolved feud between the musicians ignited a decade ago when Taylor seemingly accused Katy of “hiring a bunch of people out from under me,” per TMZ.

However, the pair have since buried the hatchet, with Katy explaining on the Howard Stern Show in 2020 that they wanted to set “an example” for their younger fans.

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