Latest: Does Kim Jong Un really have a son?
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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un with his favoured child, Kim Ju-ae (left) and an image of a younger Kim Jong-un thought to resemble is secret son. — Pen News/AFP/File

A former spymaster claims that although Kim Jong Un has a son, he is kept out of the public glare because he is too “pale and thin” for North Korean tastes.

Choe Su-yong, a retired National Intelligence Service (NIS) official from neighbouring South Korea, made the shocking revelation, according to Daily Mail.

He claimed that the boy’s “unappealing physical appearance seems to have discouraged Kim from disclosing his son in public,” citing sources in the North.

“Unlike his father, or his sister who is plump and well-fed, Kim’s son is said to be pale and thin,” he told the Korea Times.

“I heard that his son doesn’t look like his great-grandfather, Kim Il-sung, at all,” he added.

A likeness to the plump founder of the country, Kim Il-sung, is considered a prerequisite for North Korean leaders.

To support his own legitimacy, the present leader is alleged to have emphasised his similarity to his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

However, there might also be more plump North Korean leaders in the future. 

Kim Jong Un’s daughter Kim Ju-ae made her official debut in late 2022 and has been regarded as his potential successor.

On the other hand, no images of his “pale and thin” son are known to exist. However, experts believe that all it takes to image him is to look at a younger Kim Jong Un, who was once also rather slender.

Moreover, a few images of the svelte tyrant before he grew to his current size have surfaced. North Korea Leadership Watch founder Michael Madden stated: “Kim Jong Un was actually thin when he was the hereditary successor.”

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