Latest: Prince Harry faces one main obstacle applying for U.S. citizenship
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Prince Harry faces one main obstacle applying for U.S. citizenship

King Charles’ son Prince Harry’s step towards U.S. citizenship can cost him a lot while the Duke of Sussex faces one major problem.

Prince Harry would have to be transparent about his drug history.

The Duke’s bombshell memoir, Spare has plenty of references to him smoking “weed” – cannabis throughout the scripture. He also confessed to trying cocaine and not liking it.

There are other matters, like parading in a swastika-festooned German military uniform. that may be a problem too.

Matters like these are not something that the US Department of Immigration would appreciate.

For a regular person, admitting to drug use in the past would be sufficient grounds to deny their application for naturalisation.

Equality voices in the states of America will demand for the Prince to be subject to the same standard laws and procedures as everyone else, as America does not hand out passports that easily.

Being dyslexic in childhood, Harry would also have to learn to study about America and its constitution.

One of the biggest issues is leaving behind his royal family forever. The U.S. citizenship asks the Prince to renounce all “allegiance and fidelity” to any other nations, including the U.K.

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