Latest: Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Princess Alexandra attends memorial in wheelchair
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Princess Alexandra is known to be close to the royal family

Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Princess Alexandra joined the royal family at Windsor Castle for the memorial service of King Constantine of Greece.

The 87-year-old was seen in a sombre mood as she marked her appearance in an all-black ensemble whilst seated in a wheelchair.

She was snapped beside her daughter Marina Ogilvy, who sat in the same row next to her relatives Prince Andrew, Prince Richard and Brigitte, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

During the service, the royal was notably moved as she and her daughter were seen reaching out for tissues during the service.

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For the unversed, Lady Ogilvy, who is the lesser-known cousin of Elizabeth, was said to be one of the late monarch’s closest pals as she was referred to as the ‘unsung heroine’ and “the most efficient working princess” of the royal family.

Such was their relationship that she was a bridesmaid during Queen Elizabeth’s 1943 wedding to Prince Philip. 

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