Latest: Kate Middleton’s new biography to be published soon
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It comes as Princess Kate recovers from abdominal surgery at her family home in Windsor

Princess Kate official biography is set to be released in just months.

It is a brief picture of everything how the future “queen of the people” met and fell in love with Prince William.

Royal author Robert Jobson is set to publish Catherine, the Princess of Wales: A Biography of the Future Queen in July 2024.

The book is expected to detail the future Queen’s life from her middle-class Berkshire upbringing to her life as a member of the Royal Family.

Jobson is a royal commentator and has written several books on the Royal Family.

The author said regarding the Princess of Wales: “Behind that sparkling public smile is a strong-willed woman with a sharp intellect and a tenacious resolve.

“Someday, this middle-class Berkshire girl, will become King William V’s consort, arguably becoming the first true queen of the people, from the people.

“I’m really pleased to be working with Bonnier again to bring Catherine’s story to light.”

The book will be published by John Blake, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK.

The book will detail how the princess is set to become the first “commoner Queen” since Anne Hyde who married James II.

The book publisher said: “Catherine is destined to become the first ‘commoner Queen’ in British history since Anne Hyde, wife of James II.

“Robert Jobson is positioned to tell all on this half of the dynamic duo who have become arguably the most popular members of the Royal Family.”

The details for the biography are said to be collected from “the author’s extensive connections within the royal household.”

The published continued: “This dynamic new biography tells the full story of how Catherine, the Princess of Wales, became the woman she is today.

“Kate Middleton’s life story seems like a modern-day fairytale. An attractive, clever, and ambitious girl from unexceptional beginnings meets and falls in love with a wealthy prince when they are both college undergraduates.”

It comes as Princess Kate recovers from abdominal surgery at her family home in Windsor.

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