Latest: World’s spiciest food is not Indian — so which is it?
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World’s spiciest food exists because of heavenly peppers and herbs giving flavour to the tastebuds of the global population.

Though many people avoid spicy food, it is still a prominent part of many culinary traditions, according to CNN.

“Spicy food, or at least spiced foods, clearly predates the idea of countries and their cuisine by a very, very long time,” says Indian author Saurav Dutt, who is working on a book regarding spicy foods in the Indian sub-continent.

“Every spicy ingredient has a wild ancestor,” he says. “Ginger, horseradish, mustard, chiles and so on have predecessors which led to their domestication.”

Following are some of the best spicy foods around the world, let’s find out which could be the best one.

Egusi Soup, Nigeria

Nigeria’s popular spicy soup shines because of Ata rodo, a Scotch bonnet pepper. This soup known as Egusi is cooked by punding the seeds from the Egusi melon, an indigenous West African fruit from the family of watermelons.

The melon’s seeds thicken and add texture and flavour to the soup’s mix of meat, in addition to being rich in protein.

Sichuan Hot Pot, China

The prominent ingredients for China’s Sichuan Hot Pot include Duck, seafood, chicken, pork, lamb, and seasonal vegetables. 

This dish is said to have originated as a popular food among Yangtze River boatmen. It is also known as Chongqing hot pot.

Som Tam, Thailand

Som Tam is a fresh and fiery salad that is a popular dish in Thai restaurants around the world. It belongs to the spice-loving Thailand’s province of Isaan.

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