Latest: Eating moldy bread may not make you sick — but here’s the catch
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Moldy bread kept on a table. — Shutterstock/File

Green bubbly stuff stuck on a few slices of bread should definitely not be eaten, but what if you are in a rush to make a quick sandwich and accidentally consume a moldy loaf of bread? 

While it is likely to taste really bad, doctors say that it will not make you sick.

Still, mold is “something you want to avoid,” says Dr Christopher Scuderi, a family physician in Jacksonville, Florida

People should not panic at first and then spit it out, according to Dr Christine Lee, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic.

“If you do accidentally swallow it, it’s not a huge deal, though,” Dr Lee explains: “If it’s just a bite, aside from the ick factor, it shouldn’t be harmful, as long as you have an intact immune system.”

“It’s also helpful to drink lots of water to help flush out any potential toxins or allergens from the mold,” Dr Scuderi says. “Hydrate well and dilute it down, and you’ll probably be OK.”

“The risk of getting sick from eating moldy bread is low,” Dr. Lee says. “But there are some variables to know about that could increase your risk.”

However, if you have a medical condition that can make you immunocompromised or if you consume immune-suppressing medications, you are probably more likely to get sick from that moldy loaf of bread, she added, according to Parade.

“Your risk also goes up if your intestinal mucosal barrier is broken—for instance, an ulcer, colitis, or another break in the skin that would allow mold or fungus to enter your bloodstream,” she further added.

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