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The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh’s children Lady Louise and James could play a key role in the monarchy

King Charles III’ younger brother Prince Edward’s children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Earl of Wessex could bring an “injection of energy” to the royal family amid ongoing crisis within the family.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh’s children Lady Louise and James could play a key role in the monarchy in the future if they take on royal duties, a royal expert has claimed.

King Charles and Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis have given birth to questions about the future of monarchy as the two senior and most popular royals are out of public duties. Queen Camilla and Prince William have been left to fill the gaps in the royal diary as their partners step back.

King Charles, Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis: Who will fill royal void?

Richard Eden suggested that the young royals could bring a burst of youth to the King’s ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy.

The expert said: “What better way to build on its strengths than with an injection of energy from young people who have had values of public service and duty instilled in them from birth?”

Eden explained: “Louise, 20, is in her second year at St Andrews University, while James, 16, will sit his GCSE exams this year.”

Lady Louise  is in the second year of her studies at St Andrews in Scotland- the same university where Prince William met his wife, Princess Kate.

James attended the Easter Sunday service at Windsor this weekend with his parents. However, Lady Louise was unable to attend due to her studies.

Eden also mentioned that since the King’s cancer diagnosis, Prince Edward has been “busier, and more prominent than ever as he carries out duties.”

He said: “Edward and his wife, Sophie, are often overlooked because they don’t seem to court attention from the media and appear happy to undertake their numerous royal engagements and foreign visits quietly and without fuss.

“In my opinion, another great service the couple could do for the country would be to encourage their children, Lady Louise and James, the Earl of Wessex, to become working royals when the time is right.”

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