Latest: Emily Maitlis finally reacts to Netflix’s Scoop as Prince Andrew attracts spotlight
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Emily Maitlis has finally broken her silence as Netflix released the highly-anticipated film Scoop on Friday, which goes behind the scenes of Prince Andrew’s infamous interview.

Emily, former BBC Newsnight presenter, has admitted that she’s not seen the fictionalised retelling of her blockbuster interview with the Duke of York.

The media personality, who is currently working on an Amazon three-part series about the same interview, recently discussed the Netflix film with Deadline

She revealed that she had no involvement in the project and believes there’s “room for both” productions.

She said: “I’ve left [those behind Scoop] very much to do their own thing because I think the last thing they want is me peeking around the edges offering my [views]. It says it’s based on a fictional account, so I think it goes into different places and it does different things [to the Amazon series].”

Netflix prefaces the new movie with a disclaimer: “This film is based on real events – however certain elements have been fictionalised for dramatic purposes.”

Although she hadn’t seen ‘Scoop’ before its release, Emily hinted she’s keen to give it a watch “at some stage”, and praised her former colleague Sam for elevating the story to “new heights”.

Addressing the buzz around both the Netflix and Amazon productions, Emily downplayed any notion of rivalry, stating: “I think that probably is overplayed, overstated.”

She views the Amazon project as a “very different beast,” and believes there’s “room for both”. She also said the excitement surrounding her series was “unreal”.

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