Latest: Ryan Gosling did not dress up for Chris Stapleton in SNL promo: Watch
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Chris Stapleton complimented Sarah Sherman on her cowgirl outfit

In the latest Saturday Night Live promo, Ryan Gosling didn’t dress to impress Chris Stapleton, unlike Sarah Sherman.

The NBC comedy sketch shared a promo for the upcoming episode on YouTube, featuring Barbie star Ken, who will take the stage as host for the April 13 show, along with the musical guest.

In the promo’s first take, just as Gosling finished introducing himself and the weekend’s musical guest, the wacky performer of the show, Sherman, rushed into the frame dressed in full cowgirl attire.

Gosling, looking dismayed, exclaimed, “Sarah, you said it would be weird if we dressed up for Chris.”

To which Sherman steered herself clear, replying, “I dressed up for me, little lady.”

Stapleton, however, admired her cowgirl hat that was twinning with his. Then Gosling complimented the 45-year-old singer, saying, “You look so cool.”

In response, Stapleton reciprocated with courtesy, saying, “You look good, too,” to Gosling, who sported a casual look in a yellow cardigan and a blue baseball cap.

Additionally, in the promo’s second take, Sherman made the two guys laugh as she couldn’t find the right camera to face. The trio is all set to give a dose of laughter to the SNL audience this weekend.

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