Latest: Princess Kate Middleton breaks late Queen Elizabeth’s food rule
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Princess Kate Middleton seems to have unknowingly broken a supposed royal food rule said to be made by the late Queen Elizabeth.

According to the Daily Express, Princess Kate openly talked about her family’s favourite foods at the Great Ormand Street Hospital in 2018.

Four-year-old Rafael Chana shared with Kate that he liked olives in a conversation, to which she responded that she had also loved them as a child.

The Princess of Wales, who is currently on a break from royal duty after her recent cancer diagnosis, said, “I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well.”

Tweeting on X, at the time, royal correspondent Rebecca English tweeted, “The Duchess of Cambridge [now Princess of Wales] revealed today that her daughter, Princess Charlotte, loves olives and she encourages both her and Prince George to cook with her.”

Now, according to the outlet, MyLondon claims that the Queen loved to keep her favourite food a secret so that it didn’t get served to her at every major event. 

The Queen, who loved a diversified menu, didn’t share her love for his favourite dish because she would love to try new things and would not prefer to make her favourite dish common.

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