Latest: Kourtney Kardashian turns Kim’s famous words into a cake topper
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Kourtney reworked a cake topper that featured Kim’s words: “Happy Birthday To The Most Exciting To Look At”

Kourtney Kardashian recently kicked off her pre-birthday celebrations, turning her sister Kim Kardashian’s insult into a cake topper.

The Lemme founder, who turned 45 on April 18, took to her Instagram on Monday, April 15 to share a carousal of photos, offering an insight into her early birthday preparations.

Sporting a black-net costume, dazzled with pearls all along, the TV personality gave off major birthday vibes in all the photos she shared, including other cakes that read ‘Aries Baby,’ ‘Happy Birthday Kourt,’ and ‘Just Living Life.’

The cake featured Kim Kardashian’s biggest digs at her older sister, dubbing her the “least exciting to look at” during a heated argument on their reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians back in 2018.

Kardashian reworked the cake topper in her favor, reading: “Happy Birthday To The Most Exciting To Look At.”

In the photos that the reality TV star took to her social media, it showcased her with a huge grin as she rang in her mid-forties.

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