Latest: Prince William’s intense reaction to Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis laid bare
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Prince William’s intense reaction to Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis laid bare

Prince William is grappling with one of the biggest royal crisis of recent times with little to no support.

Speaking to Us Weekly, a source divulged the Prince of Wales’ situation behind the scenes while he continues to put on a brave face in the wake of King Charles and wife Kate Middleton’s respective cancer battles.

“It’s been stressful,” they claimed. “William feels a profound sense of duty to uphold the monarchy’s stability and inspire confidence in the public that everything will be OK. It’s an immense responsibility.”

Royal biographer Tessa Dunlop expanded on similiar sentiments, noting: “He’s got young children, a sick wife and a sick dad, and memories of losing his mom [Princess Diana] early. There’s a lot at stake, and he does need support.”

The King underwent a corrective procedure for his enlarged prostrate, which led to the diagnosis of an undisclosed form of cancer at the beginning of February.

Meanwhile, Kate announced her diagnosis with cancer in March, after the doctors discovered it during post-op test following her abdominal surgery.

“After William’s dad and Kate’s diagnoses, he shut down for a couple of days,” a second source told the outlet.

“He canceled all meetings and spent time with Kate. Then he picked himself back up again because he knew it was up to him to be strong for the whole family.”

“Around the palace, he looks tense,” the insider added. “He clearly has a lot on his mind. The palace is backing off and giving him space.”

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