Latest: Woman brings dead uncle to bank for signing loan in Brazil
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Brazilian woman arrested after trying to get dead uncle to sign loan. — Pexels

Recently, in a shocking incident, a woman brought a 68-year-old man, reportedly her uncle, on a wheelchair to a bank in Brazil in a bid to to get him to sign for a loan. 

However, it soon discovered that her uncle had died hours earlier.

The disturbing visuals of the incident grabbed attention after the incident’s video was shared on social media and quickly went viral.

Earlier this week, employees at the Rio de Janeiro bank called emergency services after growing suspicious of the woman who wheeled a man in and requested a loan in his name.

“The woman was arrested after emergency workers arrived and determined the man was dead,” police said.

Police for the precinct of Bangu — on Rio’s west side — booked the woman for attempted theft by fraud and defiling a cadaver, they said.

The incident is being investigated by authorities to determine how and when the man died.

Brazilian media reports said the woman claimed to be the man’s niece and sought to take out a loan of about $3,250 in his name.

“She tried to make it look like he was signing the papers,” local investigation chief Fabio Luiz told news site G1. “But he was already dead when he entered the bank. 

“The woman’s lawyer denied the accusations.

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