Latest: George Clooney, his wife Amal speak on justice, war on truth at Skoll World Forum
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George Clooney, his wife Amal share strong message on justice, war on truth at Skoll World Forum

George Clooney and his wife Amal have recently discussed about Clooney Foundation for Justice mission to promote justice around the world.

While speaking at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England, George, who co-founded the foundation with Amal in late 2016, said, “The organisation’s work is to hold people’s feet to the fire as it involved a lot of failing and then finally succeeding,” via Hello! magazine.

“You can’t guilt really human beings into being good people…You can’t get the Sultan of Brunei to act on his own. But what you can do is you can guilt the [expletive] out of people that do business with them,” stated the Ocean’s Eleven actor.

George explained, “You go to the cruise lines and gas lines and you go, ‘The same that’s happening to the hotels that the Sultan of Brunei owns is going to happen to you.’ And then they go to the Sultan of Brunei and go, ‘Dude, what are you doing? Knock it off!’ And that’s how you actually get it to change.”

On the other hand, Amal shared why their foundation used the term “waging justice”.

“We use that verb very deliberately because it’s a fight,” remarked the barrister wife.

Amal continued, “And we think of it as a process where we have to gather our forces and gather allies and be really determined like you do when you’re fighting a war.”

Moreover, George talked about the process behind writing Good Night, and Good Luck in 2005.

I wrote because I was being called a traitor to my country by my own country for being against the war in Iraq. The idea was anybody who spoke out against the war in 2003 was a traitor, and it wasn’t really fun. They were picketing my movies, and all that kind of stuff,” mentioned the Gravity star.

George added, “So, we wrote it, because we liked the idea that it has to be entertaining, people have to be engaged.”

“Storytelling is about finding a way to relate to people things that they can understand and not overwhelm them with peas and carrots,” he concluded.

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